It’s All About The Bucks For Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass, the Argentinean hedge funder and founder of Hayman Capital Management, hit the international headlines by predicting the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. He became a superstar for a while. But it seems that time has not been so fair for Kyle. The magic touch is long gone.

UsefulStooges was first to report how Kyle Bass has made a bad call after a bad call, and some people have compared him to Shyamalan, who makes a bad movie after a bad movie. All he can do best now is TV appearance. As his fund performance goes down, his TV appearance goes up since he does not turn down any invitation.

Kyle is not only good in making bad calls but also in unhealthy alliances. His friendship with Christina Fernandez de Kirchner only serves to ruin his remaining legacy. Despite this economically illiterate Kirchner being the worst thing ever to happen to Argentina’s economy; Kyle cannot stop himself from singing her praises. Kyle defended her country when it defaulted for the second time on its sovereign debt an action not typical for a fund manager.

Kyle supports Kirchner’s economic policies that only serve to rip off the Argentinean people. When Judge Thomas ruled that Argentina had to pay its creditors that included Paul Singer, Bass went on to support Kirchner in calling Singer and company “immoral” for holding poor countries hostages. But to be sincere Kirchner and her corrupt and economic illiterate flunkies are holding up the country’s progress.

Kyle, so as to protect his investment in General Motors, has gone further to defend the company for not deploying airbags and faulty power steering in their cars; a problem that the auto company knew about but never acted.

Plotting with Eric Spangenberg, known as world’s notorious patent troll, challenged patents on certain pharmaceuticals that he picked out. This led to high drug prices, and the pharmaceutical firms gave up on their motive to fund medical research. Millions of people, who depended on drugs from these companies, ended up suffering severely. In response to a filing against him by his main target Celgene, Bass admitted that his motivation was a lust for profits. The Patent Trial and Appeals Board is now considering sanctioning Bass, for abusing the system.

But why is Kyle Bass, despite being filthy rich sink so low to enrich himself even more? According to an article by Barron’s seems like things are much worse for Kyle. Despite Kyle keeping his fund’s performance a secret, there are reports that in 2014 he lost around 30%. This is a massive loss in history.

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