Jeremy Goldstein is a Bright Legal Mind Behind the Launching of the Technological Law Platform in New York

A man who is at the steering wheels of a boutique law agency specializing in dispensing valuable advice to CEOs, teams of management, and compensation committees is a lawyer who enjoys outstanding recognition in the legal fraternity. Before becoming a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a firm in which he is the founder, he was a partner at a law agency known as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Other areas of Law where he is an expert include matters of corporate governance and compensations for executives.


Recently, Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has been in the limelight in New York for the innovative solutions he has helped to initiate to make legal representation accessible to all New Yorkers. If you are searching for an attorney to assist you with writing your will, a child custody case, a tenant-landlord problem or a criminal matter, the technological platform called the Lawyer Referral and Information Service- LRIS will make it convenient for you to get a lawyer. The platform is an online portal is a confidential service that operates 24 hours to help persons seeking a lawyer urgently. When things look a bit too stressful, the portal provides a low-stress zone where your case can be matched with an appropriate attorney.


All the lawyers on the portal like Jeremy Goldstein enjoy full public recognition for the number of cases they have helped their clients to win. Besides that, they are also highly competent, and the New York State Bar Association has given their credentials a clean bill of health. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein was recently quoted saying that they are proud to form a partnership with the largest community of legal professionals worldwide. The advantage it has is that an attorney can deliver services to many people speedily but at lower costs. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein also adds that it creates a trustworthy online location for businesses, consumers, and individuals who want to depend on Law from New York State. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has in the last decade been involved in various high-profile transactions in the corporate world.

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