John Goullet’s Business Leadership an Example for Minorities

On paper, it may seem like the country is an equal opportunity playground for all races and groups when it comes to business. But in reality and also in practice, the country is nothing close to a level playground, and the minorities understand this best. For a business that is owned and regulated by a minority group to succeed and even become a part of the fortune 500 companies seems like one of the best success stories. This is exactly the achievement that John Goullet, the founder and CEO of Diversant LLC has achieved.

John started off as a college leaver with IT skills when he graduated from Ursinus College. After his graduation, he worked a few jobs before he started noticing that there was a gap that needed to be filled in the job market. His main cause for concern was the fact that there seemed to be very few companies that were providing IT staffing solutions for all companies, whether small scale or middle level. Thus, he left his position at Info Computer Technologies and started Diversant. He wanted to provide IT staff for the fortune 500 companies and he has been very successful in that.

The company started out as a small and seemingly insignificant outfit and is now offering these staffing solutions to almost all of the fortune 500 companies. The company has also grown into a capital base of more than $300 million and is growing stronger. The business strategy that has helped the company grow, according to John Goullet is always making sure that they are responsive to the needs of the customer.

Besides the business pursuits of John Goullet, he is also very active in philanthropy. For instance, he has been very active in initiatives such as the Harlem business retention forum which encourages businesses that have been created in Harlem to stay there and benefit the locals. Another initiative that he has been part of is a community that follows up on college and high school students and encourages them to do their best in technical courses. The target group for the initiative is the African American students who currently aren’t that keen on technical courses.

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