Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Planning For Huge Expansion


The new brand of clothing by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is taking off rather quickly. (pardon the pun) Her new line of fitness apparel is aimed at making women’s fitness fashionable and comfortable. According to information shared on Facebook, the Fabletics brand plans to open 75 to 100 stores within the next 3-5 years. This kind of rapid growth is a giant leap for any company. Especially one that is just taking off. Albeit, not every brand is endorsed and invested in by a celebrity.

The new stores will allow the customers to try on the clothing and in the meantime, the associate will attempt to sign you up for their subscription service. This service includes special clothing items shipped to your door once a month at a discounted price. It includes a recurring charge to the customers credit card to keep the subscription. In the average month as of now, they are shipping out over 80,000 clothing items. Adam Goldenberg co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab, (parent company to Fabletics) stated that “Largely speaking, customers really like this program.” He also went on record stating that “We want every single one of our customers to understand how the program works.”

For this to be answered, JustFab is in the process of redoing the Fabletics FAQ section of their site and updating the customer support as well. For the whole scoop on racked.com << just click this link.

The inception of Fabletics was a combination of passion for motherhood and overall well being that got Kate involved in co-founding the clothing line. Every month, she shares her absolute favorite ‘Kate approved’ outfits with the fans of the clothing lineup. Having a real flair for style and a love of overall well being is the spark that motivates Hudson to create these fantastic apparel selections.

There are literally a cart full of styles straight from Kate’s closet. Well, not her personal closet, but you get the metaphor. ‘Kate’s Fitness Favorites‘ page is filled with a variety of styles and fits. They’re being won and posed for the best presentation of the looks. Take your time as you scroll down through all of the discounted Fabletic styles that will have you smiling through your workout!  If you desire any more details on any of this here, just click any one of the links in the page for the whole story and more!

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