Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright appeared on the Larry young Morning Show last month to discuss his project with RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions was founded in 2015 as joint partnership venture that specializes in constructing and renovating affordable housing in the city of Baltimore. Kevin told Larry Young that the company is very passionate about home ownership. He also stated that he deals with a lot of first time home owners and buyers and are trying to give them an opportunity to have a home to live in and to create stability in the neighborhood. As the founder of RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright’s mission is to grow Baltimore’s home ownership rate to 48%.

Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrative operations leader who’s recognized for his strategic vision and ability to achieve business goals. Kevin has used his financial expertise to help improve communities on the East Coast. He currently serves as the vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. During his career, Kevin has managed to reformulate business strategies that has built responsive accounting and finance divisions that continue to deliver results. He has also helped to transform revenue planning corporate processes that have successfully worked across the board for general contractors and sub-contractors. Kevin’s accomplishments include revenue enhancements that have helped to increase annual returns by 25%. He has also solidified Human Capital Divisions by improving staff retention, enhancing recruitment efforts compensation adjustments and change management. Kevin has had 13 years of experience in executive-level finance and human resource.

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