New Opportunities for Businesses

The life of a patent on a product is defined by the government that issues it. These life cycles are finite and have a particular end date, which could mean the difference between progression and ruin to those companies and individuals who have ownership of them. When a company loses the ability to hold on to their patents they risk collapse. Such is the case of Securus Technologies, a reliable and growing information technologies company based out of Dallas, Texas. There have been recent news within the media suggesting that Securus has been operating under expired patent codes for a period of time now. This means that if these accusations were true that Securus Technologies would need to release ownership of these products and allow other companies to buy in to their implementation and use for future capital gains.This information was provided by GTL, a competitive corporation within the same industry.



After much research into this issue by Securus Technologies and some of their third party allies it has been decided that these accusations by GTL are baseless and completely untrue. This is great news for Securus as it means that they can continue to do business as usual, providing the same level of customer driven support and reliable product options as they are currently known for. Customers of Securus, who are normally incarcerated individuals within the United States penal system look towards Securus as their way to communicate with the outside world.


Thanks to this rebuttal of information Securus will continue to grow and produce results within the United States and abroad. There is now endless potential for further development of products for Securus, allowing them to continue to branch out and build to higher and more efficient levels.


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