Effortless Party Planning Tips From A Profession Event Planner

Planning the next big party requires time, effort, and finances. If you don’t have a plan and are somewhat organized it can be a really stressful experience. Cut out the stress by following these easy steps given from a professional event planner. Here they are:


The first tip may seem for some, but if you are a beginner to party planning, this can be super helpful. Make a to-do list, shopping lists, and notes for what’s going on. This will keep everything from swimming around in your head. Don’t forget to send out those invites to your guest list asap.


The step is how you want to event to look like. Are you going to have a theme? What kind of decorations or feeling do you want to convey? A theme can be anything you image like a Roman theme, Spanish theme, or cartoon theme. Whatever suits the nature of the occasion. Keep table settings and food simple. Tablecloths make a statement, but take no time at all to decorate. Food can take a similar approach. Appetizers are easy to make or buy, and you don’t have to take all day making them. The idea here is not to stress yourself out doing it.


If children will be in attendance, set up an area or table for them to stay occupied. This is going to be especially helpful if you are going to have a self-serve bar. Parents need a break and want to have fun too. This is a win-win for everyone. Before your guests head home, send them off with party favors. They can fit into your theme, and don’t have to be terribly complicated or expensive. It’s the thought that counts!


Good corporate event planners in NYC can be hard to find. Twenty Three Layers is a well respected company that has been in business for years and has many happy customers. They are a fantastic design firm and full-service event company. That means they can do anything from lighting, to production, to entertainment.


There is an endless amount of event planning companies in NYC, but Twenty Three Layers can pull off any event with ease and they have an eye for detail that can’t be beat. They can help you throw an over the top party, or an intimate occasion, check them out.




DAMAC Properties – Luxury At Its Most Creative

Hussain Sajwani began his profession working as a Contracts Manager at GASCO immediately after graduating from the University of Washington. From there, he founded his own catering services organization in 1982. During the mid-90’s, he was involved in pioneering the property expansion in Dubai among other investors. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://gulfnews.com/culture/people/high-riser-1.25193

He constructed a number of hotels that offer accommodation to the large number of individuals travelling to Dubai for business or recreation. Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC in 2002 and it is currently the largest property development in the Middle East. Currently, he is worth $3.8 billion.

DAMAC group of companies is mainly involved in the construction of luxurious properties such as hotels and residential apartments among other infrastructures. Additionally, the organization has partnered with other business. For example in 1991, Hussain was recognized for offering excellent food service to the U.S army as they embarked on their mission throughout the first Iraq war.

One of Hussain Sajwani’s greatest achievements is the partnership the now president of the United States, Donald Trump. They established the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai, which was officially opened in February 2017, and the Trump World Golf Course that is expected to open late next year.

In a statement with NBC News, Hussain revealed that he will be working with the President’s children in in order to grow and expand their valuable partnership. Read more: The Donald of Dubai | Hussain Sajwani 


DAMAC properties takes part in the construction of leisure, commercial and residential properties in the key cities of the Middle East. Moreover, it also participates in numerous real estate ventures. DAMAC was established in 2002 and its headquarters is in Dubai.

Historically they have grown from a property company into a jack of many trades. In 2011, hospitality sub division was unveiled to offer catering services to its residents.

The DAMAC owner is not only a property developer but he is also involved in charitable ventures. In September 2013, he donated AED 2 million to a movement that was aimed at providing clothes to a million kids globally. The company’s donation single handled clothed nearly 50,000 children.

Family Members Of Incarcerated Individuals Thankful For Securus Innovation

Having a criminal in the family can be a very difficult situation. Everybody in the family wants what’s best for the convicted criminal. The first consideration for a lost loved one is usually safety. Some families even think that their lost loved one would be safer in prison.


While it might be counterintuitive, prison can be a very dangerous place. Despite the fact there are prison guards and cells, many criminals figure out ways to perpetuate violent crimes. That is why so many families are relieved to hear about Securus Technologies new software innovation.


Securus Technologies is a company that only prisoners and their families are familiar with. It is a telecommunications company that provides telephone services as well as Internet services to prisons around the country. Securus receives government contracts to become the telecommunications provider for a singular jail or prison.


The total indications company then uses its position to help law enforcement by recording every single phone call that an inmate makes. These phone calls are logged by inmate, date and are even tagged for phrases. But Securus goes the extra step by allowing law enforcement officers and lawyers to search the entire recorded database using proprietary software.


The software can lock on to a certain person’s vocal signature. Any recorded voice can be fed into the program, deconstructed and analyzed for its uniqueness. That uniqueness is then fed into the search engine to find every single phone call that particular voice was involved with.


This allows a family member to call into the prison and squeeze confessions or other intelligence out of their loved one. They can then go to law enforcement and tell them to listen back to all their telephone calls in order to get their family member help. Much of this information has been used to prevent crimes.


Exceptional Techniques of Investment From Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a popular and prosperous investor; he has also had a lot of experience in the field of investing in numerous companies. Through his experience he directs different investor in creating long lasting investments strategies such as counseling people not to invest in broken companies and mainly aim damage stocks, because these stocks one can purchase them at low prices and one can basically be assured to make a lot of money and it’s a long lasting in terms of investment. Now Igor Cornelsen is working as a manager of Bainbridge Inv Inc, he has also worked for many prominent banking companies in Brazil before he retired in the year 2010. He consumes his time in South Florida and does invest as a hobby.

Investing can appear as an awesome financial practice on about.me for a lot of people. But the reality it is very hard and also really dangerous if an individual has no knowledge on what they are undertaking. Upcoming investors and skilled have to recognize the procedure of investing and as well know the way they work. Some of the guidelines Igor Cornelsen of advice can be used to assist individuals to invest their money with the slightest danger.

Do not lose money when one is an investor there is constantly risking money, however the danger cannot be shunned it can be considerably reduced, when the investment is consuming your money that the money you get from it, you should stop investing from that investment fast. The major guidelines of investing on SnapPages.com is always not lose money because the tenacity of investing to make more money.

Another one is to begin quickly investing because time is precious for many in investments and it is not a must for one to be young to invest their money henceforth if an individual needs more profit they should begin investing early according to Twitter.

Lastly is diversify your portfolios, this is significant because it reduces dangers. It can also improve an individual capability to attain more income from numerous organizations. Additionally an investor should have sound investments in his portfolio and also dangerous undertaking too.

See: http://www.jusbrasil.com.br/topicos/64228355/igor-cornelsen

Different Styles Available At Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

When people go shopping at malls, they find clothes and they pay for it. However, many malls come with some kind of limitation. The limitation is based partially on the types of people that are living in the community that the mall is located in. One common limitation is that pretty much every store only has a limited range of style. Therefore, people who’s personal style is out of that range will have to settle for what they can get. This can be pretty frustrating for people that are interested in bringing out their sense of fashion style. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has a lot of different styles. Therefore, it is easier for one to find the style that he or she likes. This will give the person a greater sense of satisfaction because they have completed a crucial step in actualizing themselves. While many of the smaller malls only cater to either the urban, young teen, or business formal style, Manaira Shopping has all types of clothes for people that are more unconventional in their style. They have items that can help people bring out their more artistic sense of fashion. Self expression becomes that much easier for people.

Perhaps one benefit for people who have a more unique sense of style is that they are more likely to attract attention than those who try to be like everyone else. This could either be seen as an advantage or disadvantage. However, they will have that sense of peace, satisfaction and contentment that could only come from shopping at a mall like Manaira Shopping. They will also come to accept themselves and experience greater feelings of self worth. This is one of the main advantages of investing in one’s fashion.

This is the age of individuality. Therefore, one of the best ways a mall like Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping could accommodate that is by making sure that there is at least one store for every type of personality. If there is a limit in diversity, then people will have a hard time in discovering their individual tastes and getting a feel for who they are. Read more on exame.com.

How Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Has Become The Brand Of Choice For Millennial Makeup Lovers

When Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008, her goal was to create a makeup brand that reflected her own personal aesthetic of glitter and bright pastels. Today, Lime Crime’s makeup products are coveted by beauty enthusiasts around the world.


Deere had always been attracted to bold and bright colors. As a little girl growing up in New York City, Deere used to experiment with her mother’s makeup in the mirror. In 2004, Deere launched an eBay store to sell her deconstructed fashion line. Also called “Lime Crime,” it showcased her combination of creativity and business savvy that has earned her much success.


When Deere modeled her clothes for her eBay store, she painted her face in bright metallic and glittery makeup. Soon, she was known for her makeup style as much as her fashion.


While Deere had always gravitated toward experimental makeup, she struggled to find brands that sold exactly what she wanted. Many makeup companies liked to play it safe, sticking to neutral shades and inconspicuous flat finishes. That’s why she relaunched Lime Crime as a cosmetics brand four years after creating her eBay store.


One of Deere’s first products, the Unicorn Lipstick, is a series of lipsticks that come in a variety of bright pastels. The product has a creamy finish and the colors are incredibly pigmented. In other words, this is not a lipstick for the faint of heart.


Deere, a child of the online generation, knew how to market her brand using social media and email lists. Soon, her Unicorn Lipsticks were selling out. To Deere’s surprise, other makeup brands were beginning to copy her signature style.


Deere continues to come up with unique products for the unconventional makeup consumer. Her Superfoils line, a series of eyeshadow duos that offer a highly metallic finish, frequently sell out. Her Diamond Crushers lip toppers, a series of lip glosses that give lips an intense amount of sparkle, are coveted by beauty bloggers around the world.


Today, Deere is at the top of her game. Urban Outfitters has stocked her products and her social media accounts have millions of followers. In addition to making products that millennials want to buy, she also takes the responsibility of running a company very seriously. Deere has focused much of her attention on developing a stellar customer service department and she takes pride in being a fair boss to her employees.


As for the secret to Lime Crime’s success, Deere believes that it all comes down to following her gut. Deere will never make a decision unless her instincts back it up.


Bruno Fagali Has Experience Protecting Brazil’s Market Compliance Laws

In the nation of Brazil, Mr. Bruno Fagali is extremely well-known, for his time-honored position, as the foremost Director of Corporate Assurance. He is vastly treasured for attaining a vast extent of legal facts, revolving around the law. Mr. Fagali is respected for taking control, of Brazil’s most important, advertising publications. Mr. Fagali is a trusted expert of the Law Procedures & Values committee. Mr. Bruno Fagali places his capacity on laboring as an attorney for District Law, Electoral, Compliance & also Anti Corruption.

Mr. Bruno Fagali labored diligently to come to his understanding in State Authoritarian Directives, he is the beneficiary of a Master’s degree, which Bruno received from his studies at the University of São Paulo, in the country of Brazil. Mr. Bruno Fagali acquired his deep expertise in Managerial Law, and is qualified, by FGV, which is in Brazil, referred to as, Fundação Getulio Vargas. Bruno also acquired his knowledge from the honorable, São Paulo University. Mr. Fagali’s chief talent is positioned on Civic Regulatory Law, to prevent unsuitable demeanor in relation to legislative grounds.

Nova/SB creates and also extends advertising associations, all over the nation of Brazil’s far-reaching region of coverage. Nova/SB is without a doubt, accepted by those who know the group, to be the leading Brazilian venture, to create a chain of connections for the business enterprise, the People’s Interest. Nova/SB positively takes advantage of this ability, by delivering it on the connected side of their venture. Nova/SB is the leading, up-to-the-minute, commercial group, in the country of Brazil. They stay joined to an all-encompassing series of expert products that include conception & broadcast media production, from their home of operations, in São Paulo and Brazil, also.

Want to learn more about Bruno Fagali? Read this article.




Brian Bonar – Man With Profound Experience And Knowledge In Technical And Financial Services Industry

Brian Bonar is a man who has come a long way in the field of financial services and is a familiar name in the finance sector. Having achieved brilliance in the financial service industry and making immense contributions, Brian Bonar is one of the most sought after names in the financial services sector today.

He has also received “Who’s Who in America” in the year 2000, which clearly showcases his popularity as well as his remarkable streams of achievements throughout his career. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the reputed Stafford University, Brian went on to join IBM.

IBM is one of the world’s global leader in the Information Technology space, providing a broad range of hardware and software products, services and solutions.

Much of his technical experience, skills, and expertise can be credited to his experience at IBM, where he served from April 1969 to March 1985. During his tenure of around 16 years at IBM, he was responsible for outsourcing motherboards for different personal computers belonging to the company.His qualifications and over 16 years of experience got him promoted to the designation of Director of Engineering at QMS, where he joined in April 1985.

He continued to work for QMS for the next four years and three months and managed a team of over hundred hardware and software engineers. This experience helped him understand the value of teamwork and polished his leadership skills further.

It is because managing a team of over a hundred software and hardware engineers and getting results on time that exceeds clients’ expectations without any glitches is certainly a remarkable feat.

After serving as Director of Engineering at QMS, he went to Rastek Corporation in June 1989 where he served as Vice President Sales and Marketing. At Rastek, he single-handedly increased the sales of company’s in-house printing technology globally.

Later in September 1993, Brian Bonar joined Adaptec as Sales Manager and managed high profile clientele of the company, which included Japanese and Korean printer manufacturers. After that, Brian Bonar founded Bezier Systems in September 1994. Bezier Systems is accredited with the achievement of launching the first SCSI-based printer.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar later joined ITEC Imaging Technologies as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and continued to hold that position for the next four years. His primary role at ITEC Imaging Technologies included client management, business development, and bringing business from the Asian printer manufacturers.

In February 2008, Brian joined Allegiant Professional Business Services, and was responsible for sales and marketing as well as promoting insurance products of the company.

One of the specialties Brian is known for in the business circle is his in-depth knowledge and understanding of managing mergers and acquisitions, which is also one of the core services provided by his company Trucept Inc.

The U.S Money Reserve Ventures into Foreign Market by Unveiling Its Updated E-Commerce Platform

The U.S Money Reserve has recently grabbed the headlines by unveiling its updated online marketing platform. Dubbed the USMoneyReserve.com, the modern platform resonates with enterprise’s core values of commitment and expertise to a long lasting customer service experience. From a sneak peek view, the revamped site showcases the brand’s current President and Mint Director, Mr. Philip Diehl, as well as highlighting the coin’s impressive gallery. With the site, consumers are educated on the benefits of owning government-issued coins and the consequent experience derived from such purchases.


While addressing various stakeholders, Mr. Ryan Buchanan, the company’s vice president of Brand and Creative Department, reiterated the site’s capacity to dispense quality content across multiple platforms. Through the platform, customers can interact with the service provider and obtain necessary advice on metals tailored to meet their individual needs. More importantly, Mr. Buchanan is credited with overseeing the entire redesign process, which included state-of-the-art features and the implementation of new applications.


Benefits Offered


The booming online platform has positively bumped competitive pricing on silver and gold bars across the U.S. Moreover, it also provides exclusive products, and PCGS certified coins to perceptive valuable coins buyers. To obtain information on the latest coins on offer, customers are encouraged to visit the Knowledge Center and register for the free gold information. With the platform, you can learn crucial information regarding grading, purchasing, and coin minting. With the development of the Client-Connect Advantage, the online platform can connect customers for one-on-one consultations, purchasing assistance, and secure offline transactions.


Based on a recent marketing survey, the U.S Money Reserve has emerged as the top institution offering excellent return policies courtesy of its BuyBack Guarantee option. As a customer, you are assured of a full refund on damaged certified coins within 30 days of delivery. Courtesy of its fast delivery options, it is not a surprise clients has lauded the significant strides made by the company.


The U.S Money Reserve in Brief


The U.S Money Reserve has successfully built a reputation based on efficient customer delivery and high-quality products. Founded in 2001, the enterprise has grown into the world’s largest distributor of platinum products and government-issued coins. By serving hundreds of thousands of clients, the institution has managed to diversify its on-demand assets primarily focused on the issuance of silver and gold coins. Such unprecedented success can only be attributed to the company’s highly trained team of professionals adept at producing quality products tailored to meet market demands.



The Advantage Of Exclusive Design As Shown By Fabletics

For women, the fashion industry is vast. There are plenty of different designs that are available to them. This makes it very easy for them to find their own style. As a result, women of all shapes and sizes learn to appreciate their own looks because they have the opportunity to find their own style. However, when they visit the active wear section, they may find that it is the same throughout every store. Kate Hudson herself has shown that there is a need to expand the horizons with activewear. For one thing, activewear can leave women feeling bored and losing track of how well they would feel about themselves in the right outfit.


With Fabletics, Kate Hudson has shown that exclusive design and not lower prices is the answer. The designers have put a lot of thought into the design of the clothes that they are trying to bring out to the customers. Therefore, they have come up with plenty of products that people will love. However, there is one issue they have to solve since most of the customers are going to interact with them from the internet. They have to find a way to show off their designs.


For one thing, the designs of the clothes may look normal from one side. However, a view from the other side will show something very unique and elegant. Therefore, women will be more curious as to how the product fits. What they will find is that the product not only looks good, but feels good on the skin. It is also easy to find the right size because of the guide on the website. At the same time, Kate Hudson does not want to discard the traditional experience of shopping for clothes. Sometimes, it is necessary to try on clothes in the fitting room so that they will be able to figure out what size fits best.


Kate Hudson and the other people of Fabletics operate in ways that are similar to Apple. They establish their brand before they start building physical locations. This is actually one of the best approaches in that they have already gained a reputation for themselves as a huge and successful company. They will also continue to experience greater success because the customers that shop there are mostly members of the site. They will also gain new members with the exclusively designed clothes they offer in their stores.