Christopher Burch Continues His Track Record Of Success

Christopher Burch is a billionaire who has become famous for having a variety of successful business endeavors throughout his professional career. Among them is the 2012 purchase of a surf resort which is located on the island of Sumba in remote Indonesia. He took great care in renovating the site which cost an estimated $30 million and eventually became what is known today as the five-star Nihi resort. It was named as one of Travel & Leisure’s 100 best hotels. The magazine’s readers eventually voted the resort a number one for the 2016-2017 year. In addition to that prestigious award, it has been given a variety of other noteworthy awards and accolades.

Some of the other business ventures that have made Christopher Burch extremely successful include helping his former wife Torry launch her fashion label C. Wonder. He is also the founder of Burch Creative Capital and has substantial investments in Jawbone, Powermat, Little Duck Organics, and NextJump. His recent interest in a resort is not his first endeavor, however, a decade ago, he took a chance investing in Faena Hotel and Universe which is located in Buenos Aires. He collaborated with Alan Faena a world-renowned fashion designer, to create an impressive five-star hotel. One can assume that based on his recent development interests, that he would consider hospitality and real estate to his main business interests. He is, however, still working with several companies to launch and grow brands across all types of markets.  Additional article on

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Christopher Burch has had an incredibly successful 40-year career. He is an investor and entrepreneur with the vision and drive to create success and sustainability for the companies he has chosen to become involved with in the past. He has a vast knowledge of direct sourcing and customer behavior, which has allowed him to create brands which appeal to a wide audience and continue to provide exciting and sought-after products and services. Check to read an article on investor details.

In all, he has been involved with over 50 companies in his career. He continues to invest and become involved in projects around the world and has created a long and successful track record which continues to garner interest in his business projects.  Check his company’s website, click on

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Chris Burch: An Epitome of Diversity and Innovation in investing

Chris Burch is a man of many trades, a renowned entrepreneur, hotelier and a philanthropist. His success in the different endeavors is an epitome of his branding and marketing capabilities. Chris has interests in a wide array of areas including technology, finance, hospitality, and apparel as well as consumer products under the auspices of over fifty companies. His career in business spanning about forty years can be traced back to his college years. Together with his brother, Chris launched a company known as Eagle’s Eye apparel. The company was mainly involved in the sale of woolen women’s sweaters with preppy embroidery portions. The business spread to other colleges and further into the mainstream market. The company which was started with a meager $2000 was eventually sold for over $60 million. The venture sharpened his ability to produce and effectively market products to consumers.  More to read on

Chris Burch’s has developed a unique approach to building lasting brands. It is anchored on innovation, creativity, long-term visioning, credible financial management, and impact. He is also credited with propelling the success of C. Wonder, a fashion label dealing in apparel and home decor items owned by his former wife, Tory. His superb abilities have also been exhibited by his investment in the new Nihi Sumba Resort.

Chris purchased a little-known resort on the remote island of Sumba, Indonesia. The resort was formerly owned by a couple, Claude and Petra Graves, who had moved to the island in the late 1980s. The enterprise performed dismally owing to the inherent social and economic challenges facing the island’s residents. Chris spent about $30 million in renovations and revival of the five-star resort. He brought James McBride, a renowned marketer, to guide the reopening as a managing partner. In fact, McBride had been sent by Chris to scout the property before its purchase. He has been instrumental in developing the resort’s concept and marketing it as a brand in the global scene.  For an overview of his diverse investment, click

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The hotel remains a surfing paradise having retained its private surf wave to avoid overcrowding. Nihi Sumba Resort shot the international scene about one year after reopening having topped the Travel & Leisure’s list of the 100 best hotels in the world. Check  It has also been recognized by other international publications, such as Condé Nast Traveler and the Telegraph. Also, the Chris Burch and McBride remain committed to supporting the local communities through the Sumba Foundation and employment.  Related article on

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The Importance of a Sense of Urgency According to Vijay Eswaran

One of the most important things that Vijay Eswaran has said is that people should live with a sense of urgency. It is important to make the most of time, especially as an entrepreneur. After all, time is not guaranteed for anyone. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Also, it is important to be very productive working with a sense of urgency because the world and the markets are constantly changing. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to work fast building and marketing their brand so that customers will be attracted to the company and enjoy the products and services that are offered. People who waste time are not going to succeed in a timely manner.

Vijay Eswaran is always urgent in his behavior ever since he had an encounter with a monk who has meditated while sitting very close to the edge of a cliff. He has used this position to remind himself that everyone is always very close to falling off. Therefore, it is important to keep focused and live life with meaning.

Vijay has obviously taken this lesson to heart and therefore has made sure that everything he does is to the greater purpose that he is very passionate about. He advises people to take this approach to life as well.

While many people take part in acts of philanthropy aside from their work, Vijay’s career is based on philanthropy. He makes sure that his business is promoting a higher form of existence. For one thing, he is teaching people to serve one another and to look out for those that are not in the best positions or conditions.

He strives to bring healing and restoration to various people throughout various parts of the world so that they can experience wholeness and fulfillment. His company, the QI Group is always offering something that is beneficial to various cultures throughout the world.

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Executive Chairman of QI Group Vijay Eswaran Talks Business and Philanthropy

The Future of Fashion Comes From Academy of Art University

Aspiring fashion designers dream of participating in New York Fashion Week in hopes that their creations will gain recognition and interest from big names in the industry. Academy of Art University holds a runway showcase at New York Fashion Week, and 2017 marked its 21st time doing so. Graduates of the program had the lucky opportunity to present their collections to people such as Ms. J Alexander and Sara Kozlowski.


The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, Sunset Magazine’s creative director. The primary purpose was to teach students about art advertising. Nearly a century later, the school offers degrees in over 20 subject areas. Students can earn associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The university offers in-person programs on their campus in San Francisco and some programs can be completed entirely online.


The university offers nine different areas of focus within the fashion program. Students can study design, merchandising, styling and journalism. Many students choose to focus on the relationship between technology and fashion. Others focus on sustainability. One such student Eden Slezin, an MFA Fashion Design graduate who showcased at this year’s NYFW, used organic denim and recycled rubber bike tubes to create his collection.


In addition to NYFW, Academy of Art University hosts its own Annual Graduation Fashion Show. Graduates of the university showcase their designs in San Francisco, and it has become known locally and within the fashion industry as the “Fashion Week of San Francisco.” Students have further opportunities to show their work at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.


The Academy of Art University shows at NYFW are viewed as a glimpse into fashion of the future. True to this concept designers such as Ryan Yu, MFA Fashion Design, constructed futuristic garments with bold contrast. Hailun Zhou, MFA Fashion Design, created stunning garments out of vinyl and PVC, giving a glimpse into what high fashion will look like in years to come.


Academy of Art University graduates stand on cutting-edge trends in the fashion industry. The world looks forward to what they will create in the future.


Chris Burch Adds Nihiwatu To His List Of Successful Ventures

Chris Burch is a businessman and fashion mogul who has been behind several successful business ventures. One of the most recent endeavors that Chris Burch embarked on was a beautiful five-star hotel known as the Nihiwatu. The hotel is regarded as one of the most beautiful hotels in the entire world and has been featured numerous times as one of the best hotels in the world. The hotel is located on the small remote island of Nihi Simba, which is in the country of Indonesia. Chris Burch wanted to build something for his family that would last a long time, and that was beautiful. When he set his eyes on the island for the first time, he knew that this would be the perfect gift to them.  Know him more, click on

Chris Burch teamed up with hotelier James McBride to construct the hotel and open it to the public. A total of thirty million was spent to make the hotel the beauty that it currently is. The hotel opened its doors for business in 2013 and since then has attracted travelers from all over the globe who want to experience this incredible and luxurious destination and all the natural beauty that encapsulates it.  For an overview of his diverse investment, hit

The island of Nihi Simba was a well-kept secret of the people of Indonesia. The beautiful island is like a work of art and has some of the best and luxurious facilities that money can buy thanks to the hotel built on it. The Nihiwatu itself is a piece of architectural marvel and uses the surroundings perfectly to draw up one of the most exquisite settings that nature can provide. The Nihiwatu is comprised of twenty-eight private villas, each with its infinity pool. All the guests coming to the hotel get their own personal butler to assist them during their stay here at the Nihiwatu. Chris Burch also has his family’s vacation home in the hotel, which is one of the most luxurious villas by far in the place.  Check for related article.

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The hotel has a great number of amenities that guests can avail of here at the hotel. The hotel has five-star dining, waterfall spas, water sports and a whole lot more. The waters that surround the hotel are considered to be some of the best for surfing, which is why the hotel has also attracted people who come here mainly for the beautiful waves and to partake in some water sports. More to read on

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco And His Lengthy Service At Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in October of 1951 in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Amador Aguiar founded Banco Bradesco in Marilia, the same town Mr. Trabuco would be born in less than a decade later, in 1943. Mr. Aguiar would serve as the financial institution’s president through 1981, unarguably one of the longest tenures as President of a bank in Brazil, if not South America, or the entire world.

Aguiar had a dream to treat every customer and client the same in all possible regards, even in communication efforts and means of marketing and promotions. While Bradesco’s executives and employees, from the top all the way down to entry-level positions like bank tellers and clerks, treat all patrons with an equally high level of respect and lack of discrimination, Mr. Trabuco’s tenure as the Director of Marketing changed how the financial institution researched target customer demographics, how to interact with certain types of patrons, and more. This unarguably led to an uptick in performance, as segmenting and targeting is a staple in modern marketing efforts.

The above is just one example of the many instances in which Mr. Trabuco beefed up the operational protocol, size, and ultimate level of success experienced by Banco Bradesco. Arguably the most recent endeavor of Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco that returned an artificially high level of success was him urging the ranks of Banco Bradesco to absorb the assets of HSBC Brazil, a banking organization with headquarters overseas in London, England.

After purchasing the entirety of its assets related to banking and financial services throughout hundreds of locations in Brazil – rural, urban, and metropolitan alike – for an astoundingly high $5.2 billion US Dollars, Bradesco experienced approximately six years’ worth of organic growth, according to a presser released by Mr. Trabuco weeks after the deal was finalized in the early months of 2016. While many organizations acquire and merge with other entities, Mr. Trabuco looked into several specific characteristics of the then-potential transaction.

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HSBC Brazil had been underperforming for a number of months, if not years, prior to it becoming available for sale in 2015. The network of banks, automated teller machines, and everything associated with the two ranked HSBC as one of the ten largest banks across the entire country of Brazil. While it might not have made much sense to purchase a small, local bank or nexus of banks, the sheer size of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian banking buildings, machinery, camera networks, and other concrete assets made the transaction entirely worthwhile.

Another important reason why Bradesco went through with the acquisition was that financial institutions often acquire the assets of or merge with one another. Seeing as this is commonplace in banks, of which Brazil has many that are in close competition with one another, it was more than possible for another financial institution to hop on board with the deal, gaining a sizable amount of growth by simply purchasing it with stock, cash, or a combination of the two. It’s important to keep in mind that Itau Unibanco, the largest bank in Brazil since 2008, was formed as the result of a merger between Unibanco and Banco Itau, both of which were already among the top ten financial institutions by size in the country. As such, another large bank could have wedged its way into second place by size in Brazil. It made sense for Bradesco to block the potential enlargement of another financial institution that could have potentially rivaled the size of Banco Bradesco.

Mr. Trabuco was named one of the best CEOs in 2016, including the Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 in Financial Services in the prior calendar year.

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The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey & Larkin

A bunch of strangers bust down your door.

It is something that you cannot ignore.

They bust into your house and drag you away.

And they throw you into a van with Mexicans plates.

They bring you to the local jail.


You get let out less than 24 hours later.

It’s because the local government had no right to jail you, and they were just haters.

Now, for this, you are going to court.

Because of the injustice, you gain much support.

The local government did you wrong.

You gain a huge settlement, before long.

This is the experience that Jim Larkin and Micahel Lacey experienced. It’s funny how life leads us in directions that we would not expect. The men spent their huge settlement on a fund that gives charity towards local organizations in the Southwest that are pro-immigrant, pro-DREAMER and pro-DACA.

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You are a woman with your top off in the middle of the street.

The sun is beating down on your chest in the summer heat.

Everyone is looking at you and staring at the spectacle.

For them, this sight must be unforgettable.

There is a method to your madness, though.

You are not just being the definition of the woman-hating term, “ho.”

In fact, you are a visionary who is pushing women’s rights to the forefront.

People see your statement as they see your stunt.

You hold up signs with your comrades.

Bare-chested, and paint clad.

When members of Femen protest, they temporarily get rid of their shirts and walk around in their birthday suits—at least from the hips up. The whole point of this is to make a very broad, contrasting statement and to shock people.


The American Civil Liberties Union is not brand-new.

They have defended ideas—even those that were taboo.

Though in a way they still do take sides.

The left wing is where their views coincide.

They are anti-Trump and have a petition.

To get Trump in trouble is their ambition.

They tell followers about recent news.

They put the internet to good use.

They are defenders of civil rights.

They strive for the future to be bright.

The American Civil Liberties Union was started in the earlier part of the 20th century. The government was notoriously acting corrupt and imprisoning people wrongfully. The American Civil Liberties Union started to combat this phenomena.

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Kim Dao Attends a Wedding with Her Boyfriend


The video starts with Kim Dao in the car with her boyfriend Eric driving on the way to her friend’s wedding. They discuss how warm the weather is and show the clear blue skies making it the perfect day for a wedding. At the wedding, Kim is extremely hot and comments how the weather is different from Japan, and she is not used to the heat. The wedding hosts kindly provided sun umbrellas, but they are not helping Kim to stay cool.


After the ceremony, they drive to the restaurant where the wedding reception is being held, and Kim deposits the card from her and her boyfriend into a handmade gift card box. Kim goes to a table with props that she tries on including some shutter shades and a fake beard. Later on, Kim comments how things have cooled off, and the weather is much more bearable, and so they are outside taking photos. Eric doesn’t mind all the photo taking as he is tipsy. The bride and groom finish taking their pictures, and everyone heads back inside where the bride and groom mingle with the guests. Kim shows us the pretty wedding cake adorned with floral patterns.


Kim goes back to playing with the photo props followed by the cutting of the cake by the newlywed couple. Kim comments how her boyfriend Eric is meeting all of her friends. Afterwards, the video cuts to Kim at Eric’s house where she ends the video by saying that they enjoyed the wedding and will spend the next day, a Sunday, together enjoying each other’s company.

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Amicus Therapeutics Offering out of the Box Solutions

We all hate diseases. Be it the simple flu or diarrhea; the outcome is the same. Due to the discomfort often associated with illness, no one in the world wishes to be sick, so I tend to think. Since the advent of the human race, diseases have become a part of life. Although society readily welcomes most illnesses, there are others that have always been taboo, diseases like leprosy.


However, you may at times find a small category of people suffering from rare and orphan diseases, illnesses that get often overlooked (,-NJ-jobs.html). For centuries, such individuals have endured a lot of pain in the hand of untreatable ailments due to a shortage of medical infrastructure.


Despite the prevailing circumstances, Amicus Therapeutics has come of age to offer people suffering from rare diseases with hope and future. At Amicus Therapeutics, patients get a full range of products and services. The most prominent rare diseases include Epidermolysis Bullosa, Lysosomal Storage Disorders Fabry, and Pompe Disease.


Fifteen years after its inception, Amicus Therapeutics still strives to find cures for the ailments mentioned above. By investing heavily in medical research, Amicus Therapeutics has helped achieve SD-01 and Migalastat (YahooFinance). By working closely with manufacturers, the drugs are now available for mass consumption. Amicus Therapeutics first setup base in New Jersey but has since expanded its operations to San Diego.


For Amicus Therapeutics to provide patients with quality products and services, the institution has had no other choice but to hire close to five hundred employees. Thanks to its unique management outfit, Amicus Therapeutics has once again given hope to a ‘community’ that was once hopeless. Over the years, Amicus Therapeutics has been on the receiving end to some rare signs of good will. It is organizations like The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation that have generously contributed funds to see to it that Amicus Therapeutics continues with its excellent work. Although there is a lot of pending work for Amicus Therapeutics in as far as rare and orphan diseases are concerned, the organization seems to be on the right path.

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Osteo Relief Institute: Your One Stop Institue for All Your Joint-Related Issues

Osteoarthritis is a medical condition or a type of arthritis associated with the degeneration of bones found in the soft tissues of body joints known as the cartilage. Cartilages are located between the bones.

Typically, there are more than 100 million types of arthritis affecting different people globally. In the USA alone, arthritis affects more than 50 million adults with a vast majority of this number being women. Arthritis is so severe to the extent that it has been grouped as the leading cause of disability in the country.

Just like any other medical condition, the onset and subsequent development of osteoarthritis is mediated by risk factors (LongIslandRelief). According to medical professionals, some of the risk factors associated with arthritis are such as age, family history/genetic makeup, excessive weight, and the presence of a previous or existing injury.

Osteoarthritis is a non-curable medical condition that requires management to control pain. These management procedures are such as daily routine, medication, and frequent exercises. Daily routines can be such as managing your weight, smoke quitting if you are a smoker, adjusting your position when eating, sleeping and watching TV, regular exercises, and pacing yourself beyond your ability.

Medications such as NSAID’s are administered to patients to relieve the pain associated with the medical condition. Apart from medication, physical therapy is another common way of managing arthritis. Though both of these directives are effective, it is advisable to seek professional advice from highly-skilled and qualified orthopedic officials.

Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief Institute is a medical clinic that specializes in the treatment and management of patients suffering from osteoarthritis and other joint-related medical conditions. The clinic which is located in New Jersey offers a wide range of services which range from joint injection to pain relief to its clients.

Relief options provided by the clinic include videofluoroscopy, knee and spine strengthening, bracing techniques, and surgical options.

Osteo Relief Institute employs some of the most qualified and highly-skilled medical professionals who not only provide you with the best advice, but they also ensure that you are well catered for during the entire treatment and management period (

Osteo Relief Institute understands that technology plays a significant role in diagnosing various medical conditions. With this in mind, the Osteo Relief Institute uses some of the best state-of-the-art equipment to detect the extent of damage and to determine the best mode of treatment optimum to the patient.