Paul Mampilly leads by imparting knowledge about investments

Paul Mampilly is an investment guru who has a deep understanding of the investment industry. He
is one of the people who has managed to create a good name in the financial sector by establishing a good relationship with the people who need investments the most. After serving in the Wall Street for the past two decades, Paul Mampilly has switched to something newer. He is no longer interested in making money for a small number of American who are filthy rich while many Americans who need to boost their financial lives are out there with no one to support them. This is the biggest reality that faces the world. Currently, some so many people are willing to learn how investments should be made, but there is just a few of them who are ready to assist them. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street after accomplishing everything that was there to be accomplished. He left after he had proven that he was the best investor in the country. He won a contest that had brought together the best investor from Wall Street. The Templeton Foundation sponsored the contest. In the contest, each of the participants was given $50 million as an investment. However would grow that amount to the highest amount would be announced the winner. The contest happened while the world was going through the challenging 2008 financial crisis. Paul Mampilly won the contest after making $88 million without shorting any of his stocks despite the challenges which were being faced at the time. No investor could even come close to what he did.

Paul Mampilly has the best skills and experience to take investors through the process of learning how to invest. He has experience of two decades working in the financial sector as an expert. He has traded accounts worth millions of dollars and has even made one of the hedge funds he has worked with known as kinetic Asset Management the hedge fund of the year after turning $5 billion investment into $26 billion in one year. He has other many accomplishments which place him as the number one investor in the industry.

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