Sam Tabar: A True Global Executive

To become a success story around the world, a financial analyst needs to gain an in-depth understanding of the issues companies and investors face every day. While many professionals in the world of high finance do this to some extent, others take their knowledge and skills to the next level. Sam Tabar is one of these individuals, and has worked tirelessly to make sure his education and experience keep him at the top of the career ladder.

Having graduated from two of the world’s foremost institutions of higher education, Sam has utilized the knowledge gained from Oxford University and Columbia Law School to make sure his clients come away with all of their questions answered. In his early years as an attorney, he found himself regularly advising individuals and companies on a variety of matters related to hedge funds. Having always had an interest in hedge funds, he quickly became the expert in such matters as compliance and regulatory questions, investment agreements between companies and clients, and matters related to employment law. As he spent more and more time with clients from around the world, really indicates Sam’s ability to provide just the right answers grew as well.

After several years of working as an attorney, Sam decided to put his legal training to use in a much different fashion. Accepting a position with PMA Investment Advisors, Sam was hired to be the firm’s Managing Director and Head of Business Development. In this position, he put his training to good use by examining financial trends from around the world. With numerous companies around the world using his strategies and finding tremendous success, Sam began to gain more and more recognition for his marketing and strategic planning abilities.

After achieving such high levels of success, Sam is now regularly called upon by high net-worth investors and companies around the world for consultations regarding global marketing trends and plans. By demonstrating that his willingness to take calculated risks pays off handsomely for individuals and companies alike, Sam’s reputation for excellence grows more every day. As his career takes new and exciting twists and turns, Sam will undoubtedly achieve even more for his clients.

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