Stream Energy’s New Charity Looks Out For Texans

As the country watched Hurricane Harvey run roughshod over the city of Houston, few could imagine the level of devastation as nearly five feet of water inundated residential streets. Families were forced to abandon their homes and the city’s homeless population, vulnerable to the effects of nature in the calmest of times, relied on charities to help them get by.

Organizations answered the call to come to Texas and assist in recovery efforts. Among the first were the Texas natives from Dallas-based Stream Energy. They provided support, the time of their employees, and negotiated ways to ease the financial burden placed on their customers.

Stream Energy is a company that has long encouraged its associates to undertake interests in the welfare of their communities through charitable donations. But the culture of giving became so regular that it was necessary to create Stream Cares, a separate office dedicated to organizing the companies philanthropic activity over the last 12 years. Now Stream Energy is looking for ways to expand their interest in public goodwill by working with local charities in ways that directly impact Texans.

Charities are old business for American companies. Through 2016, businesses in the country gave about $19 billion to charitable causes and organizations. The creation of a separate office, however, allows Stream Energy to continue effective partnerships with known organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

One Texas charity Stream Cares has worked with is the Hope Supply co., a charity working to help the homeless acquire much needed supplies and overall support. The two organizations held the Splash for Hope event, taking about 1,000 homeless children from North Texas and covering their entrance and meals at a local water park for a day of much needed fun. The children also received financial aid and supplies as part of the event.

That Stream Cares exists is remarkable considering how philanthropy at this level is uncommon in Texas. The state is among the least charitable when compared to the rest of the country. With a proper business leader this steeped in charity that it creates a new office to coordinate it all can stand as an example to the rest of Texas on how to give back to those closest to them.

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