Talk Fusion’s Radical Communication and Compensation Idea

Talk Fusion is a business name with a great retention factor. Some business names are forgettable, but Talk Fusion stays in the cerebral memory banks. This retention is very important when naming any business. The business name must be simple, descriptive and catchy.

The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007, which is the first instant pay compensation Internet communication plan. Reina and Talk Fusion are proud members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Reina has a business with a great name and a great concept. He is, also, dedicated to maintaining a high level of ethical practice in the running of his business. He feels that with success comes the responsibility to give back to the community. This concept is, actually, built into his business model.

Talk Fusion has its main office located in Brandon, Florida, just down the turnpike from Reina’s home in Tampa.
Talk Fusion has a cutting edge, interactive website and offers a 30 day free trial. This opportunity for video networking for, even, small businesses is enticing. Consumers are changing how they make purchases, and the Internet has changed the dreary, time consuming chore of shopping into an easy, in-home and on the Internet pleasure. Now with Talk Fusion small businesses can compete with the giants of business for their fair market share.

When the phone rings in a business there is a chance to make a sale. Imagine the impact for the customer when they can not only speak with but see the owner or a representative of the business they are contacting.

Now we can take a photo, using our cell phone, of an item we wish to purchase, and at a touch of a screen we can see where we can buy that same item and in what colors and sizes. Soon with advances like Talk Fusion and it’s amazing app we can be vacationing around the world but have an video conference with business associates or family, even both at the same time. It is an amazing time thanks to people like Bob Reina and Talk Fusion.


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