The Growing and Advancement of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services is a corporation that brings unique skills, expertise, and knowledge together to solve problems that people are going through. Each person who works for IAP Worldwide contributes the unique skills of experience and knowledge to what they are able to provide to the company. There are many different qualities and personalities that bring a unique professionalism to the team, who are empowered to do their jobs safely and effectively. As stated in IAP Ingenuity and Purpose:

“IAP’s Human Resources professionals care about your success in contributing to IAP’s mission – to provide “world class” levels of customer satisfaction. We are committed to developing and implementing support programs and processes which add value to IAP and its employees. We do everything possible to ensure that working for IAP is a satisfying and rewarding experience for everyone. In all our interactions with our customers and employees we live out our core values — respect, responsibility, integrity, ingenuity and purpose” (IAP Careers. 2016).

IAP Worldwide Services empowers their employees with a multitude of different ways to success in their field of profession. Education assistance is available for those that need it in regards to any career-related education. Full time employees can take advantage of improving their job skills and enhancing their career development with employee incentives, rewards and recognition. IAP encourages managers to create an award program for their employees, as well as individual and team accomplishments that encourage safety.

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There are different services and areas that a person can take advantage of that would include government services such as hospitals, emergency response, logistics and supply chain management and network and communications. There are expeditionary infrastructures such as engineering, security and parking in places such as hospitals and emergency services. As well as utilizing renewable energy by using cost-effective, non-polluting, alternative energy sources from water, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass sources. As stated in IAP Ingenuity and Purpose:

“For us, we engage the “unexpected.” From natural disasters to overseas battlefields, we are ready at a moment’s notice — with the experience to plan, coordinate and carry out complicated logistical and technical challenges. We maintain, manage, and operate military installations the size of a small city, civilian facilities, and remote research laboratories. IAP delivers the people, technologies, and program management required to support its customers’ workforce flexibility needs around the globe” (IAP Careers. 2016).

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