US Money Reserve Has Even Better Customer Relations Thanks To New Website

US Money Reserve’s website can now be visited by mobile users on both Apple and Android-based devices thanks to a renovation of its menus and features. The US Money Reserve undertook this revamping of their website because they wanted to make the purchasing experience more enjoyable, and the markets for gold and silver investing are growing.

The new website has an improved knowledge center that talks about the US Mint and has charts with gold and silver prices available for tracking. There are also current prices that follow the stock market’s tracker of both gold and silver, and new photo galleries of the US Money Reserve’s bullion and numismatics have been included in the menu.

US Money Reserve has been in business since 2001 and has grown into the largest private precious metals sales company. They have information booklets available that give investors advice from some of the top experts in the industry, and their aim is to keep investors informed on the benefits of owning precious metals.

Precious metals have long been a safe haven during economic perils and they cannot have zero value or negative interest rates. Whenever the stock market does take a downturn, you can quickly move your funds into gold and silver assets and know they’re safe.

Assisting new investors with an introductory page to buying precious metals is US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl. He’s the only former US Mint Director to now be working in the private sector market for precious metal bullion, and he chose US Money Reserve because of their commitment to ethics and serving customers first.

As US Mint Director he brought in billions of dollars in revenue and was the driver of a new ecommerce website that provided information on commemorative coins to customers. He won several recognitions for his work at the US Mint and was commended by former President Bill Clinton.

US Money Reserve has gold and silver kits available to newcomers and their customer service reps are always ready to make purchases happen without a hitch. Client-Connect Advantage is one of the most advanced chat platforms that allows customers to contact the reps 24/7 and they can assist with transactions and payment information, or help customers make returns.

US Money Reserve has many articles available on the risks and pitfalls that could happen with investing, and you can find out if investing in gold or silver works for you by going to

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