What Does Thor Halvorssen Think of Democratic Socialism?

There are a lot of greedy people in the world. There are people who would take everything that others have given the opportunity. Many have made their career doing precisely this. They have risen to fame on the back of corruption and theft. They have spent their lives taking advantage of the weak and the helpless. If you have ever listened to Bernie Sanders, you will recall that he spends a lot of time targeting these individuals. He is quite right that there is a lot of greed and corruption. But, In this video, Thor Halvorssen argues that socialism will only make things worse.


First-Hand Experience

The reason that socialism has so quickly overtaken the masses is that people only see the potential benefits. They see that poor people will get a little extra money and tax benefits, but they do not see the history of corruption in socialism. Thor Halvorssen has first-hand experience with socialism. Unfortunately, that experience with socialism has had devastating impacts on his family. He recounted how his parents were imprisoned and murdered and his cousin is currently a political prisoner.


The “Lesser Evil”

According to Buzzfeed, Halvorssen is drastically and vehemently opposed to the doctrines of socialism. However, he is even more opposed to the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He suggested that they have made alliances with people who are clearly immoral simply so that they could have money for their campaigns or to win over voters. As terrifying of an alternative as socialism may be, Halvorssen thinks that it is not nearly as terrifying as the prospect of either of these individuals coming in to office. That is why he has given his full support to Bernie Sanders (which may sound odd, since Sanders is campaigning on socialism). Not only is he giving him his support, but Halvorssen has also made the largest allowable donation to the Bernie Sanders campaign, all to stop Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
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  1. Socialism quite literally ruined his life. This is not theoretical. He is not talking about what might happen. He is testifying to the actual history of socialism. That might mean for sure that essay-on-time has everything included in their plans and that is the way everything was organized too.

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